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My finished basement flooded during Hurricane Irene because of the heavy rain and power outage.There was no standing water, but the carpet was saturated so I contacted a couple of water cleanup places to get it taken care of.

The folks at StructureMEDIC told me the cleanup would cost about $1500 assuming I only needed the carpet/padding/baseboards removed and dehumification. So, I agreed and they were supposed to arrive between 10am-noon, but then got a call saying it would be between noon-2pm, then another call saying it might be a little after 2pm. They finally arrived at 6:30pm! No paperwork, nothing.

They came in and ripped out the carpet/padding/baseboards and piled it up at the edge of my yard. They broke a couple of tiles in my bathroom while removing the baseboards. When they came back a few days later to pick up the equipment they wanted me to sign all these forms. I signed them, but made notes about the issues and the amount I was told over the phone.

A month later I finally get an invoice and they charged me $3540 and had a list of services on the invoice that were not done at my house! I contacted them immediately and was told they'd get back to me, but never did. So, I contact them again and they threatened to take me to court for not paying even though I disputed the charge and asked for a detail breakdown of the services performed and associated costs.

They finally agreed to reduce the amount, but it was still more than what they originally told me.It is a shame people try to price-gouge after natural disasters!

Review about: Water Saturated Carpet.



I had a similar experience except that I paid and then needed a broken down invoice which I still haven't received and therefore can't get reimbursed for. Guess I was too trusting in that they would be professional in dealing with their clients. I agree...not cool to take advantage of people while they're dealing with natural disasters!

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